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Wednesday, 18 February 2015


1. giant blanket coats. i'm all in favor of balancing the slouchy top piece with something more form-fitting on bottom - i.e. high-waisted pants, which are essentially all i wear when it's cold out...which seems to be always. i think the look is so cozy without being lazy. i would happily trade most of my pajamas for a blanket coat.

Kristina Bazan, from her Instagram

2. blanket scarves. in the same vein, i am way into blanket scarves too because i guess i want to be warm. i am always cold. i am freezing. i want to wear blanket everything. please find me blanket pants.


3. fur collars. i am a big fan of fur, but sorority girls here wear faux-fur vests unironically with yoga capris, so i feel very averse to the idea of wearing a vest. however, i still love the old-fashioned look it brings to an outfit - it's very ~game of thrones ~middle earth ~russian spy, all of which are perceptions i am one hundred percent okay with.


4. layering coats. in the cold weather we've been subject to, layering coats is essential - you have to find the right set of layers so that they stack up from lightest to heaviest and they all coordinate/match/etc/whatever you're going for. but yes. layer coats. do it.

By James Bent, from his Vogue interview

up next time: the long-awaited haul video! my channel is here.