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Monday, 15 December 2014


If you're on Christmas break, wondering what it is to occupy your time with, let me make a recommendation: watch Netflix. If you want a couple undiscovered gems, let me tell you what to watch if you think you've exhausted all the shows and movies that're good. I'm not vouching for these shows/movies as ~quality entertainment, but hey - I like them, and maybe you will too.

If you like HOUSE...then you should watch LIE TO ME.

Lie to Me centers on a sometimes-rude, pretentious, British doctor, Cal Lightman, who specializes in reading emotions off people's faces. I remember seeing the trailers for this a long time ago and wanting to watch it, but I forgot about it. But my point is, the show is the crime-central version of House in many ways. With an unorthodox protagonist who's always ten steps ahead of everyone else and a team of more relatable and sometimes comic friends, it has just about everything you want out of House, plus more: CRIME. Crime triumphs over medicine every time. (Although take this with a grain of salt; I'm a criminal justice major for a reason.)

If you like OURAN HOST CLUB and DEATH NOTE...then you should watch GHOST HUNT.

If you've run out of the bigger name animes on Netflix and are wondering what to watch next, and don't mind a good scare, then you should definitely watch Ghost Hunt. It centers around a semi-annoying schoolgirl named Mai, but features an ensemble cast of ghost hunters (a monk who works as a musician in his spare time, an incompetent and uptight shrine maiden, a pretentious and aloof seventeen-year-old and his body guard, an Australian boy who's also an exorcist, and a TV medium) who are comic gold and have great chemistry with one another. Follow this group as they solve genuinely terrifying mysteries. My personal favorite is the second-to-last plot arc. I won't say anything, though. Just watch it. I rewatch this show constantly.

If you like HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER...then you should watch DON'T TRUST THE B---- IN APARTMENT 23.

Krystin Ritter became one of my biggest girl crushes after discovering this hidden gem. James van der Beek stars as...James van der Beek, best friend of Chloe, who is quite possibly the worst roommate on earth. Watch as she tortures June, a fresh-faced and all-too-innocent girl from the Midwest (of course), who's really annoying about eighty percent of the time. You'll like it, I swear.

If you like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY...then you should watch GRAVE ENCOUNTERS.

Fans of the found film genre could probably appreciate this low-budget, low-quality, high-entertainment horror flick. Grave Encounters centers on some people shooting a ghost hunting show, and features the occasional laugh and more than enough scares for someone as chicken as me. If you like the documentary feeling, then this movie should leave you biting your nails for a little while. Just don't bother with the sequel.

If you like CLUELESS...then you should watch BEAUTY AND THE BRIEFCASE.

First thing's first - I have always liked Hilary Duff. BEAUTY follows her as a fashion-forward (supposedly, although her outfits can be questionable) and girly journalist trying to get a job at Cosmo. She books it, but with one caveat: she has to write an article about how to fall in love in the business world. Of course, things go horribly wrong when she falls in love with someone OUTSIDE the business world. The movie includes Hilary Duff's dumb monologues so clearly clueless that they can be reminiscent of Cher's ridiculous worldview, and also features many...many...men. If you're looking for a new fluffy rom-com to watch in your PJs, this is it.

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