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Monday, 23 March 2015


WELL. Hi friends. I have been meaning to do this for approximately one-point-seven billion years. I am so sorry that I am bad at keeping up with this blog. That being said, I'm not letting it die just yet! Anyways, I wanted to do this post because I am a weird person.

The bag: Nondescript, boring. I wear this bag with literally every outfit in my wardrobe, so it has to match. Fun fact: I actually buy a nearly-identical new bag every semester.

The phone: iPhone with a bunny case. The important part is the bunny case. Please look more at the bunny case. It's so cute!

Gum: I drink a lot of coffee and I don't want people to know that I've been drinking a lot of coffee.

Chargers: I use all my electronics way too much so I can't go anywhere without all the chargers.

Wallet: I have a really old Fossil wallet that's black and brown. That's not exactly it, but it's a similar enough style. There's no off-white on mine, though.

Laptop: I am an English/Creative Writing major and a major procrastinator. Not having my laptop might be the end of the world.

Keychain: True, I do have many stuffed animals and a UniKitty on my keychain. And yes, the UniKitty's horn does light up when you push on her face. Thank you for asking.

Anyways, I'll see you guys later. Sorry that this is so unexciting, but I have two exams and one paper due this week and I am stressing pretty much constantly. If you like hearing more personal updates, you can follow my semi-personal blog here. Otherwise, you can always find me on Polyvore.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


1. giant blanket coats. i'm all in favor of balancing the slouchy top piece with something more form-fitting on bottom - i.e. high-waisted pants, which are essentially all i wear when it's cold out...which seems to be always. i think the look is so cozy without being lazy. i would happily trade most of my pajamas for a blanket coat.

Kristina Bazan, from her Instagram

2. blanket scarves. in the same vein, i am way into blanket scarves too because i guess i want to be warm. i am always cold. i am freezing. i want to wear blanket everything. please find me blanket pants.


3. fur collars. i am a big fan of fur, but sorority girls here wear faux-fur vests unironically with yoga capris, so i feel very averse to the idea of wearing a vest. however, i still love the old-fashioned look it brings to an outfit - it's very ~game of thrones ~middle earth ~russian spy, all of which are perceptions i am one hundred percent okay with.


4. layering coats. in the cold weather we've been subject to, layering coats is essential - you have to find the right set of layers so that they stack up from lightest to heaviest and they all coordinate/match/etc/whatever you're going for. but yes. layer coats. do it.

By James Bent, from his Vogue interview

up next time: the long-awaited haul video! my channel is here.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Hey guys! I bet you're wondering what happened to me over the past month and a half. Well, I've been traveling, catching up on schoolwork, and just getting back into the daily grind this semester. But let me reassure you - I'm back, and I'm not going anywhere.

Anyways, I wanted to start off the year by sharing my style essentials for this new year!

I am obsessed with nude lipstick right now, which is kind of a change for me because I used to be in love with bold lips. Don't get me wrong, I still do, but the thing is, in the cold of winter, nude lipstick makes you look like some kind of cool winter princess queen à la Elsa from Frozen. Which, by the way, is still a very cool thing, and if you sing Frozen songs aloud - especially in public - I salute you.

I carry this type of purse every semester. A variation on a theme. I would love to be one of those girls with the delicate, adorable, whimsical mini-purses that hang off their shoulders so nicely, but I have a laptop. And textbooks. So I need a giant kind of carry-all that I can just toss stuff into without worrying too much about the aesthetic value. Also, black matches everything. Do not buy a giant purse in any non-black color because you will not get as much use out of it as you could. Trust me - I bought a red one once.

It may not be super snowy here, but it's still really freaking cold, so if you're looking for something practical, do NOT buy Uggs. Or fake Uggs. Yes, I know they're warm, but they're almost too warm. And another thing - they have no traction. If you actually try and go out in slippery conditions in Uggs, it's quite possible that you're shortening your lifespan. Seriously, I have fallen on my butt so many times wearing them. Instead, opt for a lighter option with a better grip. You'll be more stylish and more comfortable.

The impracticality of skirts during winter has definitely dawned on me, but despite this, I keep collecting cute pleated skirts like it's my business. Which it should be. Anyways, I think that they are cute for the Great Thaw I'm expecting in the next month or two as we get further and further from the low temperatures we have now. Plus, you can wear them with tall socks and keep your legs warm. Or you can just wear the thigh-high socks at home. They are so comfortable. 11/10 would recommend wearing them under leggings if you're cold.

During the winter months, it's 100% necessary to have a go-to coat that you can throw on over every outfit as you're leaving the house. I would recommend one in black or gray, as they're pretty easy to coordinate with. But what's really necessary in a winter coat is that it be a little fun. After all, if you're going to wear the thing every day, you better really like it. My winter coats - I have two, a black one and a gray one - are kinda fun, but still really warm. The black one has a big hood and is raincoat fabric, but has little sweater-y sleeves inside that stick out on the end. The gray one has this cool pop-up collar so it looks a little more stylish than just a regular old coat.

Anyways, apologies again for neglecting this blog, and PLEASE feel free to leave a comment with what you'd like to see in the next post. Outfits? A video? Cute puppies? Let me know!

Monday, 15 December 2014


If you're on Christmas break, wondering what it is to occupy your time with, let me make a recommendation: watch Netflix. If you want a couple undiscovered gems, let me tell you what to watch if you think you've exhausted all the shows and movies that're good. I'm not vouching for these shows/movies as ~quality entertainment, but hey - I like them, and maybe you will too.

If you like HOUSE...then you should watch LIE TO ME.

Lie to Me centers on a sometimes-rude, pretentious, British doctor, Cal Lightman, who specializes in reading emotions off people's faces. I remember seeing the trailers for this a long time ago and wanting to watch it, but I forgot about it. But my point is, the show is the crime-central version of House in many ways. With an unorthodox protagonist who's always ten steps ahead of everyone else and a team of more relatable and sometimes comic friends, it has just about everything you want out of House, plus more: CRIME. Crime triumphs over medicine every time. (Although take this with a grain of salt; I'm a criminal justice major for a reason.)

If you like OURAN HOST CLUB and DEATH NOTE...then you should watch GHOST HUNT.

If you've run out of the bigger name animes on Netflix and are wondering what to watch next, and don't mind a good scare, then you should definitely watch Ghost Hunt. It centers around a semi-annoying schoolgirl named Mai, but features an ensemble cast of ghost hunters (a monk who works as a musician in his spare time, an incompetent and uptight shrine maiden, a pretentious and aloof seventeen-year-old and his body guard, an Australian boy who's also an exorcist, and a TV medium) who are comic gold and have great chemistry with one another. Follow this group as they solve genuinely terrifying mysteries. My personal favorite is the second-to-last plot arc. I won't say anything, though. Just watch it. I rewatch this show constantly.

If you like HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER...then you should watch DON'T TRUST THE B---- IN APARTMENT 23.

Krystin Ritter became one of my biggest girl crushes after discovering this hidden gem. James van der Beek stars as...James van der Beek, best friend of Chloe, who is quite possibly the worst roommate on earth. Watch as she tortures June, a fresh-faced and all-too-innocent girl from the Midwest (of course), who's really annoying about eighty percent of the time. You'll like it, I swear.

If you like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY...then you should watch GRAVE ENCOUNTERS.

Fans of the found film genre could probably appreciate this low-budget, low-quality, high-entertainment horror flick. Grave Encounters centers on some people shooting a ghost hunting show, and features the occasional laugh and more than enough scares for someone as chicken as me. If you like the documentary feeling, then this movie should leave you biting your nails for a little while. Just don't bother with the sequel.

If you like CLUELESS...then you should watch BEAUTY AND THE BRIEFCASE.

First thing's first - I have always liked Hilary Duff. BEAUTY follows her as a fashion-forward (supposedly, although her outfits can be questionable) and girly journalist trying to get a job at Cosmo. She books it, but with one caveat: she has to write an article about how to fall in love in the business world. Of course, things go horribly wrong when she falls in love with someone OUTSIDE the business world. The movie includes Hilary Duff's dumb monologues so clearly clueless that they can be reminiscent of Cher's ridiculous worldview, and also features many...many...men. If you're looking for a new fluffy rom-com to watch in your PJs, this is it.

Friday, 5 December 2014


When I was younger, I used to go shopping in stores and stare at all the things I couldn't buy, putting them in an imaginary cart, pretending I'd buy them for myself. Although I didn't then know it - after all, I was only nine - but this was the first case of clothing envy I'd ever experienced. Not, however, the last. Not by a long shot. So, without further ado, I'd like to present the top five* ladies that make me think, "FUCK, I wish I had that whole outfit."

Madison Montgomery in AHS: Coven
I'm seriously envious of the ease with which she wears things that would look 150% ridiculous on me. Although I have long considered faux-fur vests and coats to be the ephemeral sign of the sorority girl trying to stay warm and stylish while still wearing leggings (not that I have anything against leggings; I just know they aren't a fashion STATEMENT, but more like pajamas that you can wear to class), Madison Montgomery pulls it off in a way that makes it look almost appealing. When I see faux-fur I think, "Do I want that?" The answer is still no, but I actually have to think about it because I start to believe maybe it could look that good on me too. In addition, I've never seen anyone look like a bad bitch while walking in a hospital, and I have certainly rethought my intentions to buy a cossack hat after seeing it.

2. KATHRYN MERTEUIL (Cruel Intentions)

Kathryn Merteuil in Cruel Intentions
I have often repeated the following litmus test to myself as I buy clothes: Would Kathryn buy it? With lingerie-inspired pieces and a black wardrobe and accessories to match her "can't-help-but-love-it" darkly bitchy attitude, she has a reason to be high on the list. If I could have her as some kind of shopping advisor, I'd take that offer. After all, what's not to like about a girl so snarky and who gives so few fucks that she conceals her dark secrets under her holier-than-thou attitude in the most ironic way: cocaine in a cross. Although I don't condone hiding cocaine in any kind of jewelry, she receives some respect for having the balls to do something so outrageous.

3. ALI MICHAEL (Model)

One of my favorite outfits from Ali's Instagram
Ali's street style is so old-school that it feels new amongst all the more standard model street style basics of clean, fresh lines. Her style harkens back more to the 90s. It's not just her clothing that lands her on this list - although I have to admit, she has worn some of my favorite outfits of late. It's also her cool-girl vibe, which is constantly on display on her Instagram. From head to toe, she nails the model-off-duty look in a unique way. Also, she basically wears frickin' dog collars around her neck, which is too cool.

4. JOANNA KUCHTA (Instagram/Tumblr)

from Joanna's Instagram
Besides the fact that she never seems to have a bad hair day, I'm constantly obsessing over her graphic tees and stuff. I don't even have to ask myself whether I want a Sailor Moon halter. The answer is pretty obvious (YES!!!!!!!). Also, she loves tennis skirts, and I love tennis skirts (although I have yet to buy an AA original because I am on the cheapo collegiate budget, so I satisfy myself with skirts reminiscent of the style). I have to give props there to someone who channels the ~schoolgirl vibe with ease. She also wears chokers ALL the time (I am in love with chokers). And she wears big glasses and cat ears sometimes, which makes me feel better, because I have big glasses and cat ears.


Serena in a denim jacket and pleated skirt in Sailor Moon
I have no problem admitting that I still like Sailor Moon to this day. She has long, flowing hair and wears cute skirts and tops - and a schoolgirl uniform. On her days off from saving the world and crying about it, she wears comfy top/skirt combos that always look adorable. Plus, bonus for the moon-themed accessories. I will admit I recently bought a headband from NastyGal just for the moon-shaped piece on top. I still dream of the day that I'll learn I'm really a Sailor Scout or something. I want to someday create a more stylish version of Sailor Moon's outfit and wear it every day of my life.

*Honorable mentions go to Buffy, Audrey Horne, Taylor Swift in her "Blank Space" video, and Marzia Bisognin.

UP NEXT: Watch this space for a haul post (or maybe a video, if anyone's interested) from Black Friday (where I shopped in my pajamas exclusively and ordered things to arrive on the last day of finals), a playlist, and a week of outfit posts where I try and channel the five great gals I just finished talking about.